Guide to Sharm El Sheikh

I have been to this diving and sun paradise in Egypt 7 times. Why? Because in this resort you can live like a sheikh ( or king) on low budget. The coral reefs are beautiful, the food is good, entertain yourself on casinos or in bars and nightclubs. Live The Arabian Nights and smoke waterpipe. Sharm El Sheikh got it all.
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Why Sharm El-Sheikh is a popular holiday resort?

See this video of two tourists snorkelling at the beach in Hadaba/ Fanar beach:

Pool and diving safety, sharks, terrorists and buying off-plan property

Remember you are in Egypt. So take this information seriously before going to Sharm El Sheikh.

The swimming pools at the hotels and water parks are not regulated as we know it. Never trust that the lifeguards will watch over your kids in the water. Never leave children alone in the pool if not supervised by adults you trust. There have been some tragic events at water parks, resulting in drowning and death.

It is tempting to try scuba diving. But are you inexperienced, never dive below 10 meters. From that depth you still can go straight to the surface without getting injuries in lungs.

Sharks in the redsea

Shark attack have occurred in the past years. After some transport ships dumped dead sheep and goats close to the coast, it attracted some sharks from the depths. The Red Sea has many dangerous species of sharks, but they are normally not attacking humans and stay out on deeper waters. Most young people survive the bite from smaller sharks. An older woman died from blood loss in the last shark attack. If you worry about sharks, you should avoid to swim early in the morning/ late afternoon/ night and stay close to the pier. You can also snorkel over the shallow water where there are plenty of coral reefs. I like to snorkel with a diving knife strapped to my leg. Just for a feeling of defence, and handy if you get tangled in old fishing wire.

Terror and bombings struck the streets of Old Market and Naama Bay in 2008. No incidents after that and the security are tight around the city. To get permission to enter the city you must either have job, residence or confirmed hotel room. The terror was not by some known terrorist group, but conducted by the local bedouin tribes to pressure the administration in Sinai. They were unhappy with no access to jobs and the lucrative tourist industry. Now the bedouins are better integrated in the business.

Buying off-plan holiday home in Egypt are risky. See this video. Some people are trying to sell cheap apartments, but when the construction stops, you are left with an empty shell. Go safe and buy a finished project. Always use a lawyer when buying property.

Holiday in Sharm El Sheikh - Drinking at villa

Enjoy your holiday in Sharm El Sheikh. Best Regards The Sheikh of Sharm


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